Engineering Design + Project Management

Engineering Design (MEPF+ structural) also Project Management & supervision at Site for the upgrade and Modification and renovation to existing Building 30 years Old from Apartment Tower to Modern inner city Hotel   

Many buildings in the center of Saigon downtown areas are aging, now some are in the 20+ (year old) category, with some aging well, many badly (mainly due to maintenance regimes during the life cycle).

Renovation of commercial and Hospitality buildings in Vietnam poses somewhat of a challenge to local Consultants and Contractors as this is relatively new to this country’s construction industry that mainly consists of demolition & New builds. Renovation of an existing building especially when that building is Live (in Use) can be extremely challenging and has to be done safely, quietly, & systematically, with the minimum disruption to the building owners, clients and guests. Many of the buildings designed in the late 90,s were mixed-use, Commercial, Residential, Hospitality and retail, which resulted in complex mechanical and electrical systems with convoluted routing and containment systems, and in many cases over designed (over sized cables, Pipes & switchgear) making it more challenging to redesign/ renew, certain sections of new M&E system requirements for the new Project to connect to the existing aging (Landlords) Systems.

Designing and constructing a New Hotel Facility (in the top 10 floors of a 24-floor building, which is 25 years Old, with 100+ rooms atop 14 lower floors of leased commercial Office, (Live 6 days per week), does pose certain challenges

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